Welcome to our Online Pilates Classes!

Our growing library of online classes have been put into categories so it is easy for you to choose a class that best suits your needs.

New videos will be added regularly to the site and you can watch and join in any of our classes as many times as you like.

There are a few free videos for you to try, plus there is a short video I’ve called ‘Default Exercises’. These are a few basic Pilates exercises to revert to if you are finding any of the exercises too hard or too uncomfortable.

To access the full library of Online Classes we have two pricing plans.
For a price similar to buying just one coffee per week, our pricing plans allow you unlimited access to the entire library of online classes on our website.

We have two pricing plans available to you to give you the flexibility that suits you.
1. You can pay by the month: This gives you access to all our videos at any time. You have the opportunity to cancel your plan at any time.
2. You can pay an annual fee. This will give you access to all the videos for 12 months. This is a much cheaper option, however you cannot receive a refund if cancelling this plan.

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And now for the most important thing…
The exercises should not cause you pain or discomfort. If they do, simply don’t do them! Just have a short break and practise ‘switching on’ your core, or you can revert to the ‘Default Exercises’ that you find easy or comfortable (you will find these in the very short ‘Default Exercises’ video).

You are welcome to email with any questions or feedback.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy the classes!

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