Project Description

Pilates Mat and Physio Reformer Classes

Our popular and enjoyable Pilates Mat Classes and Physio Reformer Classes are led by qualified Physiotherapists who are experienced Pilates instructors.

We have an onsite Pilates Studio and offer morning, day time and evening classes.

We offer Pilates Mat Classes and Physio-led Reformer Classes that target your individual needs.

Regular practice of Pilates-informed exercises can:

  • improve core stability
  • improve postural awareness
  • improve balance and co-ordination
  • improve flexibility
  • improve pelvic floor control
  • assist in safe rehabilitation
  • improve strength and body tone
  • assist in breathing control and relaxation
  • enhance wellbeing and self-esteem.

See our Pilates Mat and Physio Reformer Timetable here